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Why Train with Jeff?

Train with Jeff London

Jeff London is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, fitness model based out of New York. If you have ever had a conversation with Jeff about fitness you will quickly notice his passion for health and fitness. Jeff is a former star collegiate athlete has competed against some of the best athletes in the world. Jeff who is extremely competitive in his own right credits much of his success in life to exercise. Jeff loves fitness and says his workout sessions are the highlight of his day. Jeff studies his craft and researches the latest science and exercise strategies in the health and wellness field.

Real People Get Real Results When They Train with Jeff London

Here's what Jeff's clients have to say:

Marla S.

I started training with Jeff to get in shape for my wedding. Working with Jeff has been great he's very patient, knowledgeable, and motivating. The results I've seen working with him are awesome- I've not only lost 25lbs and inches but see myself getting stronger everyday. I've never pushed myself harder before -- and the results are showing!"

Yasamin B.

I absolutely enjoyed my time training with Jeff. It was fun and challenging. I really appreciate him being so flexible with my schedule and accommodating. Definitely pushed me to take it to the next level but he also listens very well and adjusts exercises based on your body, and abilities.

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