These Testimonials Tell the Real Story

We love our clients, and we value what they say about their experience with Quick Body Solutions.

Anthony Esposito, Bad Ass Academy

It is a pleasure to be work with someone that is very open and eager to learn more and more. When Jeff first came to interview with us, right away he was easy to speak to and was not intimidated by the interview at all which most are. He was very comfortable yet confident in a very humble way. The way any "athlete" should be.

Jeff London has shown teamwork from the first day he started his training. Anyone who met him in the facility had everything good to say and what a down to earth person he is. Not to mention his ability to help people in such a positive and passionate way.

We are happy to have Jeff London a part of the Bad Ass Academy team!! The Bad Ass Cadets are lucky to have him as a trainer/instructor!! Thank you, Jeff for being you!


I signed up with Jeff for personal training and lost over 20lbs in 6 weeks.


Jeff is an amazing trainer. He is a true professional and extremely punctual. Oh, did I mention that he also transformed my body? I started at 170lbs and now I am close to 145lbs. In addition, to training Jeff gave me a crash course in nutrition and on how to properly fuel my body. I haven't looked back since. This was one of the best investments I have ever made!

Rachel W.

Since meeting Jeff I have seen huge changes in my body. I have lost over 10lbs! I have also increased my strength, muscle definition and endurance. Jeff’s classes are intense and he is a great motivator and teacher. He always adjusts and corrects exercise form. Jeff is also very charismatic and makes class very fun and extremely challenging.

Jessie N.

When I started the 5-day fat loss detox I didn’t know what to expect. But, I ended up losing 9lbs in the 5 days and feeling less bloated. I also now enjoy the detox beverage and some of the green juices as a part of my regular routine. If you’re looking for a plan that will help you lose weight and boost your energy without too much of a time commitment then I recommend this 5-day detox plan. I’ll definitely try the detox again before my next vacation or big event.

Adam M.

After gaining 20 lbs in a little over three months since getting married, I reached out to Jeff about doing the 21 day fat loss challenge. In just three weeks of working out and following the diet, I lost 10.4 lbs. and more than 2 inches off my waist. The diet is easy to follow and allows you to still eat food that tastes good, but it's a great way to prepare yourself to make a lifestyle change that will go far beyond the 21 days in the program. Jeff was also very accessible and helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend this program if you're serious about losing weight and getting into better shape.

Racheal B.

I participated in the 21 day challenge and lost a total of 6 lbs and saw a positive change in my body physically and mentally. Jeff is always very motivating and his fitness and meal plans are easy to follow but still challenging. Even after completion of the 21 day challenge, I will continue my fitness journey by taking more of Jeff's group classes because they are really intense and I think I gain a lot from them. Jeff pushes us to work a harder and not give up which is my favorite part about his training style!

Wendy B.

I took Jeff's 21 day Challenge plan and I lost 10lbs. The plan was easy to follow, and allows you the flexibility to still eat foods you enjoy. I especially loved the daily fat burning exercises. Jeff's exercises are easy to follow but very effective. Day to day you see changes in your body. The side and belly fat gradually disappear, you see definition in your arms, your leg gets firm and butt gets tight. Doing Jeff's classes and eating the way he advises us on the 21 day plan has really changed my body. Thank you Jeff!

Beverly B.

I would like to thank Jeff for a great program. The 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge is the best, I lost 9 lbs. I feel good about myself, incredible slim down in 21 days. There is a program guide and nutrition guide. High energy fat burning cardio. I saw fast results, I feel more confident, happier, and healthier.

Adelle L.

Jeff's 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge was really helpful. The food suggestions and workouts help you stay focused. The workouts are not easy but they can be done. I saw progress in my eating habits and feeling the urge to work out even after the program was done.

Nora B.

I have been taking Jeff's classes for almost 2 months now. On my first class, I heard about the 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge consisting of a diet and a workout plan, I wanted to try it because I wanted to find a balance between the two and incorporate it into my daily life. I think it was the best decision I have ever made. During the 21-day plan, I discovered that my energy level was higher than before especially the first week because I wasn't having any carbs, I wasn't feeling tired after lunch like I used to be, and allowed me to lose the few pounds I wanted to get rid of quickly. At first, I thought I would feel hungry but my body adjusted to it very fast and seeing that I had more energy just motivated me to follow with the plan. Thanks to Jeff's plan, I learned to have control over my food choices to keep my body energized and healthy. Jeff's classes are creative and challenging. That's why I love going to his classes, he gets me out of my comfort zone. His easy-going personality creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere during class. He puts value on correct form and exercise. He motivates and pushes beyond our limits. My energy, strength, flexibility, and endurance have improved so much. I never thought I would do 20 push-ups straight, now I can. I am finally seeing changes in my arms and legs. I have muscles developing and it feels great. Thank you, Jeff.

Retro Fitness

Jeff has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I have been impressed with Jeff’s dedication to any endeavor that he has been involved with. He displays great enthusiasm and initiative. He has excellent communication skills and has a very friendly and outgoing personality that our members love. He has shown his continuous commitment to Retro Fitness and I am sure that he will be as dedicated and highly talented asset in anything he pursues.

Mariel C.

The 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge taught me effective fat burning exercises and how to eat healthy without depriving myself of a full meal. I lost belly fat and increased my endurance.

Marla S.

I started training with Jeff to get in shape for my wedding. Working with Jeff has been great he's very patient, knowledgeable, and motivating. The results I've seen working with him are awesome- I've not only lost 25lbs and inches but see myself getting stronger everyday. I've never pushed myself harder before -- and the results are showing!"

Yasamin B.

I absolutely enjoyed my time training with Jeff. It was fun and challenging. I really appreciate him being so flexible with my schedule and accommodating. Definitely pushed me to take it to the next level but he also listens very well and adjusts exercises based on your body, and abilities.

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